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Analysis – Diagnosis – Recovery



We analyze, diagnose and recover your company’s Management, Finance, HR, Marketing, Law, IT and Security system!

Make your business healthy and increase your profit by making the best investment! The preliminary analysis of your company is carried out free of charge. We ensure privacy and meaningful results.

The consultation is absolutely free. Do not hesitate to apply to us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

“BUSINESS CLINIC” is the first clinic for businesses in Azerbaijan!

     Assume that your company is a living being. In fact, companies are born, grow or get sick and die like any living ones. So it is necessary to make a precise diagnosis in order to treat the illness properly. Otherwise, the illness progresses and destroys the organism. Like every living being, the company has organs (departments and staff), and if these organs don’t function properly, the disease occurs. The same happens to businesses: inefficiency, increased costs, fraud cases, low turnover, staff incompetence and lack of discipline, as well as frequent personnel changes are the symptoms of your company’s serious disease and can lead your company to bankruptcy! To identify and prevent abovementioned problems, you can establish different departments in your company and hire additional personnel. But in most cases it will be just the loss of money and time. So what to do? To lead the business to bankruptcy due to all shortcomings or to establish the necessary departments, albeit at a loss? None of them!

     “BUSINESS CLINIC” helps business structures to perform in a professional way without establishing new departments and attracting new personnel. At first your company’s all activity is analyzed, then the diagnosis is made based on the results of this analysis, and the action plan is prepared to eliminate the problems detected. The diagnosis and action plan are presented to the owner of the company as a report. The action plan’s implementation takes 3-6 months, depending on the scope of the business and scale of the problems. The implementation report is handed over to the company’s owner. After action plan’s implementation the company begins to operate transparently and effective, and this is a basis for reducing costs, increasing profits, customer and employee satisfaction.

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“BUSINESS CLINIC” operates in the following areas:

Production enterprises

Trade and service facilities

Farmer and agriculture

Hotels, cafes and restaurants

Car services

Medical institutions