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Management department

  • Application of ISO standards (quality of products and services that continuously meets customer requirements, guidance and tools for continuous quality improvement);
  • Optimizing the company’s resources (time, human, financial) to achieve the set goals;
  • Automation control to accelerate business processes;
  • Establishing mechanisms of automation, preparing the set of documents (company’s structure, company’s internal and security rules, job instructions, procedural rules, check-lists, penalty-reward system, etc.);
  • Company’s interdepartmental communication;
  • Correct boundary determination of personnel duties and rights.

Accounting and internal audit department

  • Setting up from scratch and automation of the company’s accounting and control system;
  • Cost control (wages, salaries, bonuses, supplies, procurement, transport, fuel, spare parts, etc.);
  • Counting inventory balances and carrying out inventories periodically (bank, treasury, goods at points of sale, equipment, etc.);
  • Holding regular meetings with company’s creditors and debtors;
  • System-based financial analysis;
  • Preparation of company’s monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


  • Development of the company’s strategy and staff policy;
  • Formation of corporate culture;
  • Staffing of the required professions, skills and qualifications, taking into account the company’s type of activity, strategy and goals;
  • Staff selecting process, on the basis of personnel human qualities, business character and professional skills, holding trainings and seminars;
  • Measurement and increase of personnel KPI (Key Performance Indicator);
  • Control of the appropriate use of the staff in structural units.

Marketing and monitoring department

  • Market research, monitoring of the company’s service performance in the market;
  • “Mystery shopping” service (confidential shopping, assessing the quality of sales and services, business performance, compliance to regulations, collecting specific information about the market or competitors, including products and services);
  • Competitors analysis and increasing competitiveness;
  • Price and range monitoring at trading points.

Law department

  • Paperwork, turnover of documents, documents compilation and archiving;
  • Legal analysis of documents and contracts;
  • Preparation of contracts, giving legal advice concerning the contracts;
  • Resolution of legal issues during work activities of structures and departments within the framework of legislation;
  • Preparation of opinions and protocols on relevant issues;
  • Preparation and execution of legal documents.

It and security department

  • Security systems audit;
  • Installation of security cameras;
  • Installation of fingerprint and card access system;
  • Installation of an electronic queue call system;
  • Installation of parking security systems;
  • Setting up and adjusting the server infrastructure;
  • Local networks installation;
  • Identifying and solving problems in the Information and Communication Technologies infrastructure;
  • Ensuring information security;
  • Risk assessment and analysis.

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